Questions and comments are always welcome. If you’re involved in the horror industry — filmmaker, actor, author, musician, whatever — then Midnight Corey would be happy to talk with you on the show. Use the form below to get in touch.

Please know that Midnight Corey will try to accommodate everyone requesting an interview on the show, but at certain times may not be able to, due to scheduling issues. Thank you for contacting him, and for understanding the somewhat unpredictable nature of producing the show every week!

If you’re a listener and would like to send some audio feedback, or even your own review, please feel free to do so! Use the form below to upload your file (5MB limit, mp3 or m4a).

Midnight Corey also accepts horror movie screeners for review on the podcast, as well as horror books and music. It is very much appreciated, and Midnight Corey will make every attempt to review submitted work in a timely manner.

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