The Electric Chair 050: Little Reaper

July 5, 2013


Independent filmmaker extraordinare Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions joins the show once more, bringing along wonderful talent from his latest short, Little Reaper — the stars of the film, Athena Baumeister and John Paul Ouvrier. Be sure you check out the short!


Peter Dukes | Dream Seekers Productions | official website | Facebook | Twitter | IMDB
End music: “Decagon Deathcamp” by ID:VISION

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  1. Brian in Colorado says:

    I LOVED the short film. If they gave Oscars for eye-rolling and self-absorbtion or supressed fury, Baumeister and Ouvrier would have those ugly statues on their mantles. I love it when the Electric Chair interviews nice, articulate people that had fun working together. This was a great episode.

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