The Electric Chair 041: Sean Munger

April 24, 2013


Sean Munger has authored a fantastic historic zombie novel Zombies of Byzantium, which places the zombie plague into the 8th century — the rule of the Roman Empire. The discussion is truly amazing.

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3 responses to “The Electric Chair 041: Sean Munger”

  1. […] blast to be on the show, and Corey said it was one of the most fun interviews he’s done. You can listen to the podcast at the Electric Chair’s website here, and I highly recommend it. I have already been invited back to do a future episode, and our […]

  2. Brian in Colorado says:

    Really fine episode. The guest was knowledgeable and articulate.

    • Midnight Corey says:

      Thank you Brian! I really appreciate that you’re listening. I hope we can talk beer sometime soon!

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