The Electric Chair 040: Action Lab Danger Zone

April 11, 2013


Action Lab Entertainment is an amazing independent publisher of comics and graphic novels, and their new mature imprint Action Lab: Danger Zone is an exciting step in the growth of this great organization. Midnight Corey speaks with Dave Dwonch, the Creative Director at Action Lab Entertainment, as well as Jason Martin, the President of Action Lab: Danger Zone, about the new imprint and its current funding effort at Kickstarter.

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One response to “The Electric Chair 040: Action Lab Danger Zone”

  1. Brian in Colorado says:

    The thing I love about Electric Chair is the focus on Indy genre projects. The mainstream distribution chain for movies, books, music and comics works to prevent small project success, but Indy’s where the fun stuff happens. Commercial efforts occasionally match Indy projects for creativity, but seldom match the passion. I’ll trade passion for gloss every time. “Final Plague” is right up my alley. Thanks for the introduction to Action Lab.

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