The Electric Chair 037: Mark Slade

March 2, 2013


Midnight Corey welcomes author Mark Slade to the show. His horrific tales have been read on the show, and it was great to meet the man behind the writing. They talk about things like reading, writing, Scientology, Dr. Who, Monty Python, serial killers, grammar, Joe Lansdale, backwards masking . . . then finally get around to discussing The Devil’s Bride (1968) and Rosemary’s Baby (1968).

You can hear Mark’s tales read on these shows:

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  1. Brian in Colorado says:

    Hey Corey – I heard the Mr. Ed themesong played backwards. (If I recall, the song said, “Someone sang this song for Satan.”) I remember thinking that the “s” sounds in “a horse is a horse, of course, of course” made the accidental alignment possible.

    Another great interview. Very enjoyable guest.

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