The Electric Chair 028: Do You Have The Crazy

November 4, 2012


Midnight Corey is excited to welcome good friend and fellow podcaster Katie ROTS (of Rotten Rantings) back to the Chair. They talk about the apocalyptic zombie(?) film The Signal (2007).

Midnight Corey reviews the zombie short Zombies and Cigarettes (2009).

Burial Day Books has once again supplied this week’s story for Tales from the Electric Chair — "The Owl" by Aaron Shotwell.

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3 responses to “The Electric Chair 028: Do You Have The Crazy”

  1. mark slade says:

    Hey Corey, maybe you’d like to do a review of all the adaptions of Clive Barker’s stories into movies. Maybe give a rating to the best(of course it will be original Hellraiser) to the worst. i recently watched Dread and thought it was pretty good, not so much faithful to the story. A few years ago i saw midnight meat train and thought that was the second best adaption.

    thought I’d suggest something.


  2. Midnight Corey says:

    That’s a great idea Mark! I’m sadly lacking in much of his movie adaptations, and this would be a great way for me to expand on that. Of course I’ve seen Hellraiser, but I can’t think of any others off the top of my head. I’m ashamed :)

  3. mark slade says:

    well, dread is on netflix. take a look at it, it’s not too bad. lord of illusions is also on netflix….it’s okay, not as good as the story. Barker actually directed that one himself. And of course the notorious Nightbreed was fun, full of monsters and had David cronenberg as a psychotic killer. Candyman…not a fun of it. there is new ones out, like books of blood.

    anyway, hope you get to view dread or midnight meat train.

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