The Electric Chair 027: Loving Your Beer Too Much

October 28, 2012


Friend of the show Shawn Ewert of Right Left Turn Productions returns, bringing along filmmakers Justin Powers and Rafeal Santiago. They talk about Pot Zombies (2005), Pot Zombies 2: More Pot Less Plot (2012), and lots more.

Midnight Corey draws the three winners for the Vultra Video Spine giveaway, and goes on to review the short zombie film Zombeer (2008).

Burial Day Books has kindly supplied this week’s story for Tales from the Electric Chair — "The Cosmic Damnation" by Grant Holden Wagner.

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0:00:00 » Intro
0:03:47 » Spine giveaway drawing
0:07:01 » Zombeer (2008) review
0:10:53 » Shawn Ewert, Justin Powers, and Rafeal Santiago
1:30:33 » Tales from the Electric Chair
1:44:53 » Outro
1:47:21 » Music


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