The Electric Chair 023: The Comet’s Coming

September 30, 2012


Filmmaker Shawn Ewert returns to the show to talk with Midnight Corey about what’s going on a Right Left Turn Productions, and they also review Night of the Comet (1984).

In this week’s Tales from the Electric Chair, Midnight Corey reads "Bolts" by John F.D. Taff, from his short story collection Little Deaths.

A new giveaway is announced as well!

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0:00:00 » Intro
0:06:48 » Shawn Ewert
1:13:04 » Tales from the Electric Chair
1:41:04 » Outro
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2 responses to “The Electric Chair 023: The Comet’s Coming”

  1. Amanda says:

    Great show! Have Shawn on as a co-host more, you two have a great rapport!

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