The Electric Chair 016: It Slept For Centuries

August 12, 2012


This episode is dedicated to the celebration of the successful funding of DIEMONSTERDIE’s new album. Congratulations!

Talented author and zombie expert Tonia Brown joins Midnight Corey to talk about her prolific, original work. They also talk about John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (1988).

The director of the zombie short film Velvet Road, L. Gustavo Cooper, also joins Midnight Corey. They talk about the making of the film, and the influences of The Walking Dead and Mississippi Burning (1988). Make sure you read Florida Possum’s review of this fantastic zombie short.

All that and a good dose of Midnight Corey’s randomness. Leave a comment here and on iTunes if you would be so kind.

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0:00:00 » Intro
0:03:49 » Tonia Brown
1:19:03 » L. Gustavo Cooper
2:01:34 » Outro
2:02:27 » Music


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