The Electric Chair 009: I Cut People Up

June 24, 2012


Midnight Corey welcomes director Philip Gelatt onto the show this week to talk about his film The Bleeding House (2011). They discuss filmmaking, Stephen King, John Carpenter, the movie In the Mouth of Madness (1995), and a lot more.

David from Devour the Podcast also joins Midnight Corey to review Resurrection County (2011) and The Bleeding House (2011). In fact, it’s the very favorable review of The Bleeding House that prompted us to get in touch with Philip Gelatt and talk with him this week!

Talented authors (and good friends) Eric and Anna Lowther also swing by to talk about the movie The Theatre Bizarre (2011).

The very generous Florida Possum is sponsoring the Trollhunter Blu-ray giveaway contest! Let me know via email, the contact page, Twitter, Facebook, or voicemail that you’d like to be part of this contest, and you’ll be entered!

All that and a good dose of Midnight Corey’s randomness. Leave a comment here and on iTunes if you would be so kind.

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0:00:00 » Intro
0:05:37 » Devour the Podcast Dave
1:11:10 » Philip Gelatt
2:23:00 » Eric & Anna Lowther
3:26:40 » Outro
3:27:38 » Music


One response to “The Electric Chair 009: I Cut People Up”

  1. Austen Young says:

    Hey Midnaight, Love the show, love the reviews and all the guests. Its a massive show and must be exhausting too put it all together. You are a great ambassador for our genre and I hope you can keep it up for many episodes to come. And yes I would like to win the Blu ray of Troll Hunter. All the best from Australia

    Austen Young

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