The Electric Chair 006: Operation Sweet Death

June 3, 2012


Author Dana Fredsti gets into the Electric Chair this week to talk about her new zombie novel Plague Town, her swordfighting abilities, her part in Army of Darkness (1993), and her love of zombie movies. Dana and Midnight Corey review Hell of the Living Dead (1980).

Terror Tovey joins Midnight Corey once again to discuss the hyped-up "zombie movie" Zombieland (2009).

Finally, Midnight Corey is joined by Jay of the Dead and Maven Jamie to do a massive review of Trollhunter (2010).

All that and a good dose of Midnight Corey’s randomness. Leave a comment here and on iTunes if you would be so kind.

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6 responses to “The Electric Chair 006: Operation Sweet Death”

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks so much for having me, Corey. I love talking with you about movies and will do it any time!!!


  2. Vengeful Sloth says:

    Excellent show MC. I love Trollhunter, with regards to the Christianity/Muslim thing I felt there was no angle or comment to be made. In troll lore, trolls can smell the blood of a Christian man but this lore dated back to when all of Scandinavia was Christian,and has not been updated since the diversification of Norway’s population and the decline of religion in general during the modern age.

    On another note as a Brit I prefer Zombieland to Shaun as Shaun was hyped up beyond belief by my friends so that I was underwhelmed when I saw it. I saw Zombieland in the cinema and had only saw one or two trailers so to me it became an instant classic.

    p.s Have you watched Corman’s World: The Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel yet?

  3. Midnight Corey says:

    Jamie: Thank you! You’re awesome.

    Vengeful Sloth: Thank you for the clarification about trolls. It’s interesting how our experiences with Shaun/Zombieland were exact opposites! I have not watched the Corman doc yet, but it’s up next. Thank you for listening, and for your kind words.

  4. Dana says:

    Corey, that’s the most fun I’ve had doing an interview… and I’ve watched Hell of the Living Dead three times since we chatted. Thank you!

    • Midnight Corey says:

      Thank you Dana! I had a wonderful time too. And yes, I’ve watched Hell of the Living Dead again since we talked :)

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