The Electric Chair 004: Beware The Lake

May 20, 2012


A guest-filled show: author Deno Sandz stops by to talk about his latest novel Blood Plantation and to review one of the newest film adaptations of a Stephen King novel: Bag of Bones (2011).

Gravedigger (Cina Pelayo) joins Midnight Corey to talk about Burial Day Books, and their newest release, Gothic Blue Book. Gravedigger and Corey then get to talk about the classic horror film Carnival of Souls (1962).

Fellow podcaster Craig “Terror” Tovey hangs out for a bit and reviews Ti West’s The Innkeepers (2011).

Actor/filmmaker Eric Michael Kochmer is so kind as to join Midnight Corey to talk about his upcoming noir film Way Down in Chinatown. Support the making of this great film!

Last—but far from least—filmmaker Bryan Wolford and actress/model Kitsie Duncan talk to Midnight Corey about their short film Myctophobia.

Midnight Corey tops it all off with his reviews of Zombie Diaries 2 (2011) and Death is No Escape (2011).

All that and a good dose of Midnight Corey’s randomness. Leave a comment here and on iTunes if you would be so kind.

0:00:00 » Intro
0:09:24 » Eric Michael Kochmer
0:25:40 » Gravedigger Cina Pelayo
1:03:51 » Deno Sandz
2:08:58 » Review – The Innkeepers (2011) with Terror Tovey
2:56:45 » Bryan Wolford and Kitsie Duncan
3:21:40 » Review – Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)
3:27:52 » Review – Death is No Escape (2012)
3:34:40 » Outro
3:36:18 » Music


2 responses to “The Electric Chair 004: Beware The Lake”

  1. Brian in Colorado says:

    I appreciated Deno’s perspective on literature and the horror genre, particularly crossing over between the genre and literary fiction. Horror writers need to read outside of their genre to maximize what they do inside the genre. Great conversation.

  2. Brian in Colorado says:

    In “The Inkeepers,” the jump-scare video in the beginning works – not because it gets the viewer, but because it sets up the last scene in the movie. Expectations are everything.

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